Samosa Delite is a family business founded by Geetha and Mohan Iyengar with the help of their sons and friends and absolutely with no Government’s help in the year 1990.

At the beginning, the business ran with no employees. From 1995 to date, it has created jobs for over 15 employees. Furthermore, Samosa Delite has become a tradition for the Fredericton community as well as a must-visit place for samosa lovers throughout the country.

What has contributed to the success of Samosa Delite ?

Great taste 

Samosas are completely handmade from an original recipe that is authentic and unflappable. The ingredients are fresh and the spices are incredibly irresistible. There is a variety of flavor such as chicken, beef, veggie, turkey, lamb, cheese and more to choose from. Especially, all of the meat used is supplied from the best local suppliers in New Brunswick. No Msg (monosodium glutamate) is contained in our product. Samosas are low in calories and high in its nutritional value.




 Despite starting humble, Samosa Delite has been increasingly growing and gaining love and trust from customers in the Fredericton community as well as customers from other cities such as Moncton, Saint John, and Halifax. The sale at the beginning was just a few hundred samosas every week but now it is roughly a staggering 20000 pieces a week. Samosa Delite was once a victim of its own success at the Boyce Farmer market as the lineup of its patrons blocked the market’s walkway resulting its relocation from indoor to outdoor.

In spite of the change of location, samosa makers still did their best to keep the flow of samosas running to satisfy their loyal patrons. Up to now, Samosa Delite has had its products at over 20 locations in Fredericton and surrounded areas in New Brunswick.




Samosa Delite will keep expanding as it has been growing stronger and better in the last 23 years. While customers’ taste preferences may change through time, the joy of  having a warm crispy piece of samosa on their hands on every market day will never go out of style.